Friday, December 9, 2011

It's A Girl!

Jared has been BEGGING me to start blogging for awhile now, and what better day than today! We want to record our life for our family and friends! I'm halfway through my pregnancy, and yesterday we found out SHE is a GIRL! To be a little transparent, I wasn't sure if I was shocked or disappointed. I thought all along it was a boy. After thinking about it, I wasn't disappointed at all, just had to change my mindset. I am SO honored that the Lord chose us to raise up a girl. We have a big challenge in front of us and we are more than ready for it! I am excited to be a "girl mom" and she is already wrapped around Jared's little finger. He wrote the sweetest blog post about her HERE. I will try to start doing weekly pregnancy updates and pictures. Before I found out she was a girl, I bought her the cutest little shoes yesterday. I can't wait to put her little feet in them. Have a great weekend ya'll!