Thursday, May 29, 2014

Family Time

A few pictures of the grandparents with my kids!  My parents live 7-8 hours away from us so we cherish the times we get to see them!  

My dad thought Hays' hat was the cutest - and I couldn't agree more!

We love our Pappy and YaYa!

Hays Newborn Pics

As Hays' due date came closer, I called up our favorite photographer, Brooke, and asked her if she would do our newborn pictures of him.  She is so great and so easy to work with!  He was 8 days old in the pictures - these are some of my favorites!

My favorite poses - all cuddled up the fur!

Sister wasn't cooperating too well that day, but we got a few of her kissing him.  I thought they were sweet!

Nothing cuter than a naked baby!!

My super talented friend and neighbor did the blanket for Hays!

Daddy Love!

I never thought I would have a boy!  I am cherishing our mother\son relationship!  

Like I said, Lucy wasn't being very cooperative that day, this was the best family one we got! 

You can find our photographer Brooke on Facebook.  Her page is Crystal Brooke Photography - and tell her we sent you!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welcome Mr. Hays Michael

This is our last picture as a family of 3.  My parents were already here but I wanted to put Lucy to bed that night.  We read her books and I told her that she was going to meet her new brother in the morning.  We had lots of love and snuggle time - it was just perfect!    

We were supposed to be at the hospital at 7am for my scheduled induction at 8:30am.  That was just crazy to think about, especially after all that happened when I was in labor with Lucy.  Of course, I didn't sleep a wink.  I don't think I was necessarily nervous, just anxious for everything to unfold.  I honestly think I was more worried about how Lucy was going to handle everything. 

Hays' first picture - born on February 20th at 9:01am.
7 pounds 11 ounces
20 inches long

He was PERFECT!  They wheeled me into recovery and let my family come in right away.  I don't remember too much - I was pretty out if all day! 

One really neat thing that happened was 2 of my SWEET friends, both named Amy, took care of me! Amy on the left emailed me the day before saying she worked everything out to be in the operating room with me!  She was fantastic!  She helped calm my nerves and made everything so much easier!  My friend Amy on the right works nights and she met us as we were coming in.  She helped get us settled in a room and offered to stay and help after the c-section.  Of course I said yes and she got to take care of Hays and give him his first bath!  She also kept him in the nursery one night so this momma could get a little sleep!  I can't thank them enough!

Our first picture as a family of 4!  This was how Lucy looked all day - very confused!  She definitely didn't like seeing me in that hospital bed all hooked up.

Jared and my dad with Hays!

Pappy and YaYa with their GRANDSON!  We are all about girls in our family - my mom kept saying how this boy stuff was all new to her!

Lucy trying to figure it all out!  

Poppa and MiMi meeting Hays for the first time!

GiGi meeting Hays for the first time!

The next morning - Lucy was a little more bright eyed!!  Daddy holding his 2 kids!

My sister Brennan, at 34 weeks pregnant flew in to meet Hays - meant the world to me!

Uncle Chris and Aunt Erin meeting Hays!

Getting some snuggles from Daddy!

McCaleb Cousins (minus Easton)

He's looking studly and ready to go home!

We FINALLY got to come home!  Loving our new fam of 4!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Lucy Day

I'm playing MAJOR catch up on the blog!  So sorry it's been so long!  I had to have a scheduled c-section with our son Hays so we knew the exact day we would have him!  I wanted to make the last few days special with Lucy, so we declared our last Saturday together Lucy Day!  We wanted to do all fun things that she loved to do!

We started the letting her pick our her breakfast - she chose pretzels and applesauce!  Then, we went outside and played in her car!  

She loves that thing!

After that, we went to the United Methodist church where they have an indoor playground.  I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy chasing her around making sure she didn't get hurt in the super tall play place!  

We took her to lunch at ChickFilA.  I'm not sure if that's her favorite restaurant or her daddy's!  And of course, we HAD to share a cookies and cream milkshake!  "Shakes" are one of her favorite things - and I can't blame her!

We came home for naps and that afternoon we went to the park!  I think that is DEFINITELY her very favorite thing in the world!  

We just wanted to make the day all about Lucy since we knew in a  few short days, her world would be rocked by a new little brother!