Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hays Newborn Pics

As Hays' due date came closer, I called up our favorite photographer, Brooke, and asked her if she would do our newborn pictures of him.  She is so great and so easy to work with!  He was 8 days old in the pictures - these are some of my favorites!

My favorite poses - all cuddled up the fur!

Sister wasn't cooperating too well that day, but we got a few of her kissing him.  I thought they were sweet!

Nothing cuter than a naked baby!!

My super talented friend and neighbor did the blanket for Hays!

Daddy Love!

I never thought I would have a boy!  I am cherishing our mother\son relationship!  

Like I said, Lucy wasn't being very cooperative that day, this was the best family one we got! 

You can find our photographer Brooke on Facebook.  Her page is Crystal Brooke Photography - and tell her we sent you!!

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