Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lucy Updates!

6 Months

18lb 6oz
28in long

She loves to:

-eat (still!)
We started her on vegetables this month and she is loving them!  
She gets around anywhere and everywhere!
-bite and chew
She is biting and chewing on everything with her new teeth!!

7 Months

She loves to:

She loves trying new foods and has liked all of them (carrots, squash, peas)
She is loving getting down in the floor and playing with all her toys!

8 Months

Weighs around 20 pounds
She is very big for her age but also very tall!  We'll see if she stays that way!

She loves to:

This is a first for every month because she is such a good eater!  Still loving her vegetables and about to start on fruits!
-stand up!
She is pulling up on everything!  It scares her mommy and daddy and sometimes scares her too when she is standing up and can't figure out what to do after that!
She loves to play more and more each day!

She is in size 3 diapers now.  She still nurses 5 times a day and basically eats 3 times a day.  Pretty soon we'll start giving her a sippy cup and hopefully more and more food.  She takes 2 pretty good naps every day and sleeps through the night.  She still only has 2 teeth but I think more will come very soon!  She is such a happy girl and we love her so much!

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