Tuesday, April 23, 2013

365 Days

In 365 Days . . .

   -I met someone who was a missing part of our family.

    - I have survived on very little sleep.

-I have changed THOUSANDS of diapers

- I have seen our laundry double (maybe triple)!

      -I have spent countless hours playing on the floor.

             -I have learned how to be unselfish - that someone else's needs matter more than my own.

-I have earned a new name - Mommy!

-I have seen just a GLIMPSE of the love that God has for his children!

These 365 days have been the most joyous and challenging days of my life.  I will never forget seeing that face and hearing her cry for the first time.  When I was little, I loved baby dolls and dreamed of one day being a mommy.  Some days I feel like my heart could burst because of the love I have for my sweet Lucy.  I thank God everyday for the gift of her life and I pray this over her: 

Lucy Grace,

May I always strive to be your mommy, not your friend.  May I always try to show you Jesus in the way that I live.  May I teach you manners and to respect everyone.  May I always tell you that your beautiful - but that beauty isn't focused outward but inward.  May I have patience - even on the hard days.  May I cherish each and every day with you, because each day is a gift.  

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